Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Projects!

I have just embarked on a project that will take me through (hopefully) years of exciting gaming, I have just started a 28mm Roman army taht i can use with Clash of Empires, War & Conquest, Hail Caesar etc. I currently have just over 100 Romans (unpainted, not even off their sprues) So I am pretty much set in terms of choice of units.

I am also about to start playing DBA... in 6mm! More on this to come...

I've had a HUGE clear out of my wargaming bits and pieces, sold off some rulebooks and minis ready to focus on my Romans and DBA. I am also getting into Bolt Action, I have a small Waffen SS force that I'm working on and will continue to do so until I have around 1000 pts.

Stay tuned for more info on DBA and CoE!

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